Leaked Images of Galaxy A7 (2017) Appeared on the Internet

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Samsung continues to flood the market with a series of the latest smartphones. One of the smartphones mentioned being prepared is the Galaxy A7 (2017).

Quoted from GSM Arena, Friday (09/12/2016), after a number of specifications appeared on the Internet, this time turn the picture. In that figure, Galaxy A7 (2017) has two color variants: black and gold.

Unfortunately no other information about the details of the smartphone, kecual color variants. In the picture there is a description of the "Samsung Galaxy A 2017"

Image was becoming reproduce leaked information about the Galaxy A7 (2017). The smartphone previously had appeared on the web site benchmark, is reported to have received certification Blluetooth and Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and features a water resistant.

The specifications include the Exynos 7870 chipset, touch screen measuring 5.5 or 5.7 inches, 3GB RAM, 32 or 64GB of internal memory, as well as front and rear camera with 16MP sensor respectively. But so far no definite information about the release date and price. 
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Apple iPad Pro 9.7, Very Light

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Apple has officially announced the emergence of joint 9.7-inch iPad Pro iPhone SE. Apple's new tablet favor light weight with a better screen and a performance capable menggungguli other portable PC products. The tablet is also very thin (6.1 mm) and very light and weighs less than 1 pound (about 450 grams).

Apple iPad Pro put A9X chip for maximum performance. At the rear there is an iSight camera 1MP front-mounted camera while at 5MP. Retina screen size of 9.7 inches with higher brightness, lower levels of reflection as well as features and True Night Shift Tone to dynamically adjust the white balance. Performance is also enhanced audio with four stereo speakers.
Apple also provides a new accessory for the iPad Pro that Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard with two sizes so can be a PC. Performance is also enhanced wireless network with Wi-Fi 802.11ac MIMO and LTE Advanced. Apple also complements Apple iPad Pro 9.7 with SIM that facilitates subscription data network in more than 100 countries.
Tablet 9.7-inch Apple iPad Pro is marketed in four color choices, space gray, gold, silver, and rose gold. Prices start 599 dollars for the 32GB model Wi-Fi and 729 dollars for the 32GB model Wi-Fi + cellular. Apple presents iPad Pro 9.7 with an internal storage capacity of 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB.
Preorder iPad Pro 9.7 starting March 24 through Apple.com and Apple retail stores. Direct purchase will be available beginning March 31 in Australia, Canada, China, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, United Kingdom, Virgin Islands, and the United States.
In early April, the iPad Pro 9.7 will be available in Albania, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Cayman Islands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Greenland, Guam , Guatemala, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Macau, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia , Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, and the UAE.
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Apple Releases iOS 9.3.1 for Crash Troubleshooting

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As a new operating system, iOS 9.3 still has some bugs that quite annoying as crash while following URL link. This latest complaint over Apple has released an emergency update that is iOS 9.3.1.

The iOS 9.3.1 update rolled out for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch globally. The update is approximately 30 MB

Given the specific update is intended to fix bug link in Safari and other applications, then there is another added feature, especially considering the newly launched iOS 9.3 for several days with the release of the iPhone and iPad Pro SE 9.7.
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The Best Features Of Android 7 Inch Tablets

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At whatever point new engineering provisions develop, forecasts for their complete takeover of the commercial center, inescapably, take after. The manifestation of the tablet pc in UK, has pulled in enormous engage from parts, for example civil designing, engineering outline and wholesale/retail undertakings while ultra-versatile PCs, progressively, are, no doubt seen making a greatly functional commitment to the medicinal, instructive and investigative examination segments.
Unanticipated reception of the handheld PC by media and promoting endeavors is not excessively astounding and their expanding vicinity in the workplace and general work environment is truly creating confounding inquiries to be asked. Inexorably, correlations are made with the usefulness of the cell phone, portable computer and net book and if a specific business truly needs a versatile tablet PC, or under the present budgetary atmosphere, just clutch their present innovation gadgets. The versatile PC tablet UK, really overcomes any hardships between laptops and portable mechanisms, furnishing the usefulness of a smart phone without a percentage of the prohibitive disservices. Early touch screen tablets were essentially fundamental laptops with a swiveling screen, which could be collapsed back onto the console and utilized as a touch screen.
The new era of android Wi-Fi tablets are thin, lightweight, simple to transport and fast, subsequently, the excuse for why they are reputed to be the ultra-portable PC. The locally available extend of specialized programming is specially crafted explicitly to run rapidly on the working framework for consistent word transforming, note taking, audio/video playback and touch screen face to face time. The consequence is faster begin up times, capability to perform numerous errands, a smooth client experience and an electric storage device life essentially more drawn out than even the most prudent laptops.
The best android 7-inch tablets have begun to match in specs the greater models so anticipate that in the not so distant future will proceed with this pattern, with more models carried to market. Additionally want more embellishments, peripherals and cases for them to be advertised. Specs will build (speed, electric cell life, determination and space), while the more level cost remains one of the solid purposes of 7-inch tablets. Screen determination, you need something with no less than 1024 x 600 pixel, or even higher as Retina presentation displays make it to market.
Processor speed, pick no less than a 1 GHz double center model, however be mindful that quad-center 7-inch tablet models are right around the corner. The stay far from 8 GB models and pick unified with no less than 16 GB of inside space and the conceivability to build the amount by including micro-sd cards. Indexes and applications are getting greater and greater, so you must be ready for what has to come. You should not get an option that is lower than 3.2 Honeycomb, and check the maker site assuming that it has the proposition to overhaul to Android 4.0 This OS has the capacity to exploit the fittings characteristics of your 7" tablet. No matter what you choose there will be a better version in the future so keep your mind open for it.

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Rerview Ultrabook Acer Aspire S7 - 392

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In June 2013 the company introduced a new Acer laptop Aspire S7- 392. Acer Aspire S7- 392 represents a new generation of notebooks Acer Aspire S7. Externally Acer Aspire S7- 392 has not changed. Frankly, it’s somewhat reminiscent of a marketing campaign the company Apple: summer is a new generation computer which has undergone only some internal changes in appearance remained unchanged. But we ‘re not here to talk about marketing. Let’s look at this device from a technical point of view.
Thanks to aggressive marketing of device design Aspire S7- 392 may acquire the status icons. Of course, it is unlikely in the near future he will be able to surpass the success of the design for Apple MacBook Air, but, nevertheless, the marketing department Acer did not waste time in vain.
In any case, one you can be sure of a hundred: the Acer really turned out beautiful and stylish laptop. The body of the machine is completely made of aluminum, painted in white, and the lid is covered with high-quality glass from Gorilla Glass. On the cover under glass is a modest company logo can not be said about the appearance of the computer itself.
Our computer screen is quite securely adjacent loop, which allows him to open up to 180 degrees. Under the loop on the back of the base unit are opening cooling system, which in their view did not spoil the overall design of the computer. The operating panel has a smooth aluminum plate that is also painted in white. The touch screen of our laptop is covered with expensive and durable glass that makes the appearance Aspire S7- 392 even more stylish.

As mentioned earlier, the screen of our computer equipped with a touch panel, which has a good responsiveness and support to reached the 10 touches simultaneously.
The screen itself has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a diagonal of 13.3 inches. It is a very good result for such a small computer. By the way, the screen on the Aspire S7- 392 a few more modern than the Apple MacBook Air, the display is not changed for generations.
In addition, the display Aspire S7- 392 has a very wide viewing angles and good color reproduction and contrast performance. This is not surprising, because the Aspire S7- 392 is set fairly high-quality IPS matrix.
Keyboard and Touchpad
Aspire S7- 392 is an island -type keyboard with buttons gray colors that are separated by a very convenient distance. Also, the keyboard is equipped with a modern lighting system that adjusts to the light level in the room. Print speed at the keyboard Aspire S7- 392 just below average. This is due to its small thickness of the computer and not very deep way. Touchpad for Aspire S7- 392 is relatively large. It is located right under a “space ” and has a slightly rough finish which provides a good grip with your finger. The touchpad does not have physical keys, which makes it look more modern. Touchpad itself is quite normal: ” mouse keys ” are pressed easily and silently, and the cursor moves smoothly and accurately.

On board this little laptop is pretty powerful processor Intel Core i5-4200U clocked at 1.6 GB, 8 GB RAM, SSD Solid State Drive, 128GB, integrated graphics card Intel Graphics HD 4400.
In this configuration, the Aspire S7- 392 is perfect for the speedy execution of daily tasks not only in the office or at home, but also in the way. Also Aspire S7- 392 is suitable for running demanding applications, and some modern games at minimum graphics settings.

Aspire S7- 392 is not too large set of interfaces, but it is normal for such a fine laptop. On the right side of our computer ports are USB 3.0 or HDMI, port Acer Converter, 3.5 mm headphone jack combo and lock slot Kensington. On the left side there is another port USB 3.0, SD card reader and a power connector.
Aspire S7- 392 is a stylish performance of the computer in the segment of premium devices. Its only drawback, perhaps, is the high price. Starting price tag Aspire S7- 392 is equal to $ 1499. For many buyers, this amount will seem really high. However, if you need a powerful computer with premium filling and high-quality screen, you should not spare money for Aspire S7- 392, and you will not regret this purchase. And if you prefer ultrabooks running on other operating systems, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with yet another innovation of the past summer: Apple MacBook Air 13.

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Significance of Excellent Microsoft Office Technical Support

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Microsoft is a multinational company which develops different varieties of computer software products. It is probably the most popular software produced by this company. Since its advent in August 1989, Microsoft Office has acquired great prominence. It is used extensively throughout the world as an office set for desktop applications and servers for all kinds of operating systems. The main modules of Microsoft office are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.
With the passage of time, many versions with new enhanced features have been launched. It is used by billions of people around the globe. It is used for writing, saving information, conducting business analysis. The latest version Office 2013 for Windows was launched in October 2012. Microsoft Office Mobile is compatible with Android, iPhone and windows phone. The additional applications of Microsoft Office are accessing, info-path, publisher, one-note etc. It is also offers web services like Microsoft Office Online and Microsoft Office Update. It also offersutilities like Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Calculator, Notepad, Microsoft Chart, security essentials etc.
Many IT companies around the world are offering high quality Microsoft office technical support. These services are extremely prompt and effective. Microsoft itself offers assistance for its products and services. If you require any assistance while using any of the applications offered by Microsoft office you can simply log on to the Microsoft Support website. This website performs multiple functions.
1. It offers the latest news updates regarding the products offered by Microsoft
2. It offers the facility of downloading software
3. It also provides an information base for providing answers to your questions
4. It also offers phone or e-mail addresses for contacting support personnel
The information base offered by the Microsoft support website can solve all the technical queries related to Microsoft products. For example, if you are interested in playing games from its Halo series, then it can offer information in this regard also.By doing careful search you will be able to get knowledge about the least possible system necessities for Halo. You will also get to know how to respond after getting error messages. You will also be able to determine application compatibility with various operating systems.
A XP user will be able to gain assistance regarding disk error checking, troubleshooting startup problems, determining and rectifying sound problems, troubleshooting printer issues, synopsis of remote assistance, configuration measures, utilization of automatic updates etc.
So after reading this article, it could be concluded that the assistance offered by Microsoft website could prove extremely useful.

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How to Convert a PDF for Kindle Viewing, No Software Required

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If you are a Kindle app user then you must know that Kindle supports not only ebooks but also PDFs. You can send any PDF directly to your device by attaching it to an email.
K2pdfopt is designed to optimize PDF documents for small screen e-readers. Rather than convert the document into raw text and try to reformat it, it instead carefully crops and realigns the pieces as though they were a series of images. The end result is a new PDF file that is really true to the original document and free from odd OCR blunders (as it doesn't attempt to convert or reflow the text).
Using K2pdfopt is a snap. Extract the executable into a folder, drag a PDF file onto the EXE and let it work-as seen in the screenshot above. We dropped the same difficult to format textbook PDF into K2pdfopt and crossed our fingers. Given how much Calibre struggled with the document we weren't sure what to expect. When the conversion completed (you'll see a copy of your PDF file with the file named annotated like filename_k2opt.pdf in the K2pdfopt folder) we copied it over to our Kindle and were shocked at how well it handled the complex text we threw at it.
The text is slightly less crisp than in our PDF to MOBI conversion (see the screen capture in the Calibre section) but it is all there, with proper formatting, and without any screwy OCR errors. Thanks to K2pdfopt we went from having a PDF that was illegible on the Kindle to having a PDF that was as easy to read as a clean photocopy.
The only downside we could find in using K2pdfopt was the increase in file size. A 15MB PDF file, when converted with K2pdfopt, ballooned to 93MB. When you consider how few conversions Calibre doesn't properly handle and how few books we'd need to actually send through the K2pdfopt image-based conversion process, though, it's not a bad trade off. We can stand to increase the file size on a few PDFs in order to gain access to a portable and easily read copy.
Update: Shortly after this article went live on the site Marcus wrote in and asked
What if, Marcus? What if, indeed. We dove in deeper, Inception-style, and performed a test just as you requested. Calibre handled the conversion beautifully and the text cleaned up perfectly. How perfectly? Here's a snippet of the text seen in the screenshot above (which is properly formatted but a little grainy) after the reconversion process:
And there you have it. For a particularly tricky PDF file you can run it through K2pdfopt.exe, then dump it back into Calibre for a cleanup pass (check out how smooth the font is now in the above sample), and enjoy a totally optimized PDF. Good call, Marcus! The extra step only adds a few minutes to the process and really tidies things up.
Mostly all the PDFs arrive as they are. These are static images which are not at all suitable for Kindle viewing. Therefore, you need to zoom ad scroll them to read.
Amazon can convert the PDF to raw text when you enter the word "convert" in subject line. Here are some warnings in this regard. Firstly, this conversion is time-taking. In case, you are sending few documents through the kindle app then it takes almost an hour to arrive. Also, you should know that it will not work for all PDFs.
Well, for such kind of documents you need to use something more robust. Thus, you can go for Calibre. But, if you can't install the software at moment then Amazon's conversion option may help you.
Now, you can easily read documents using these apps. For more from the XpertCrewTM team, please follow us on Twitteror contact Techvedic's computer support helpdesk, as per below contact-details:

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